Things Louisiana Squirrels Do with Their Tails

The tail of the squirrels can serve as multi-purpose equipment that will be handy to complete a range of functions. The tails of the squirrel will be bushy that adds to their cute and cuddly appearance. Their tails will be equally long as their body. It will not simply make them look adorable, but it also helps them complete some action and it is extremely useful.

Function of the Baton Rouge Squirrel’s Tail
Squirrel came from a Greek word which means ‘the one that stands behind the shadow of the tail’. This is why most people believe that the squirrels can use their tail as a parasol to shade them from the warmth of the sun. Regardless if they will do that or not, their tail serves other various functions such as:

It will not be uncommon for the squirrel to lose their tails due to a predator attack. If you have a pet Baton Rouge squirrel, you will notice how it has a habit of using its tail to test unfamiliar objects. The animal will then thrust forward when it is surprised. There are times that it will lose some of the sheath of its tail to escape the attack of the predator. While the hair will grow back, there are instances when the bones and meat will also be torn by the predator. Nonetheless, losing the tail is still better compared to losing their lives.

Maintaining Balance
Since the squirrel will need to jump from different trees, they will have to maintain their balance while doing so. Sometimes, they will be walking on narrow branch and their tails will make sure that they will not fall on the ground. Additionally, they can also use this when doing a quick turn. The tails also make it possible for them to walk on ropes.

As Parachute
While it will not be as effective as the real parachute, their tails can apparently slow down their descent. Even though they can maintain their amazing balance, there are still instances when they will fall on the tree. They can also be forced to drop from a tree; for instance, if they’ve been cornered by a predator. Still, the rate of their fall will depend upon their size.

Squirrels can also relay heaps of information by using their tails. They will simply flick their tail if they are alarmed. You will also notice how their bushy tails will become fluffy if they are showing signs of aggression. They can also communicate with the opposite sex using their tails. Most of the juveniles will have those striped patterns on the tail but will eventually disappear after around 16 months.

The tail of the squirrels can also be used in maintaining the ideal temperature that will help them survive the extreme weather condition. While squirrels will depend upon their tails when doing their daily activities, they will sometimes lose it when they are fighting with fellow squirrels. Luckily, though it serves different functions, it is not necessary for the survival of squirrels.

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