Can Louisiana Snakes Blink

Snakes do not have the ability to blink since they do not possess an eyelid. Their eyes will be protected by a clear scale. This prevents the eye of the snakes from drying out. This is also why the snakes will sleep while their eyes are open. Consequently, since the snake will shed its scale in its eye, they are known for having poor eyesight. They will basically sense their target through their heat and their movement.

The Spectacle that Protects the Eye of the Snake
The scale in the eye of the Baton Rouge snake is part of their skin. This simply means that this part will have to go once the snake shed its scale. Before the shedding began, their snake will start to become dull. You will notice how the spectacle in their eyes will turn opaque and cloudy. This is the result of the snake’s milky fluid that they will secrete between the new and old skin.

Snakes Can’t Blink
The thin layer of scale replaces the function of the eyelids on Baton Rouge snakes. However, they still do not have the capacity to blink. This transparent scale that protects the cornea of the snake is referred to as brilles or spectacle. While they may not be able to blink, they can still shut their retina in case they want to sleep. The snakes will spend most of their time living close to the ground. It is normal for the snake to catch grit and dust as they move. The spectacle will be protecting the sensitive parts of the snake’s cornea from damages and scratches.

This is a thin membrane that will not actually lie on the snakes’ cornea. They will be separated by the fluid secretion that we mentioned above. This will keep the eyes moist. Due to the impressive feature of the snake, the scientists are even studying their eye to develop an improved contact lens.

Snakes Can’t Cry
While all reptiles can produce tears, the fluid that is created by the snakes will be trapped between the spectacle and retina. In order to drain the fluid, there is a nasolacrimal duct positioned at the roof the snake’s mouth. Therefore, you will not see the tear overflow in their eyes similar with what you often see on mammals.

Snakes will not only be missing eyelids, they also do not have nose. Therefore, they will use their tongue to smell their food. The tongue will be flicking in and out of their mouth that aims to collect particles scattered in the air. They can also identify the source of the odor by delivering these particles in the unique organ found in their mouth. They also do not have ears. Nonetheless, they still have a complete set of hearing organ. This enables them to be aware on the vibration that will help them determine the movement on the ground.

The lack of some key organs of the snake, will not make it less dangerous. We still encourage you to employ the assistance of a snake expert when removing them from your house.

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