Rodent Damage in Your Attic

Rodent in our house can carry various risks. They can be a host to different zoonotic diseases, contaminate our house, and they can cause severe destruction to our property. The damages that they will cause will start as soon as they enter our attic. Serious infestation can easily result to thousands of dollars in terms of damages. Therefore, it is necessary to address the infestation during the early stage.

Types of Damages Louisiana Rodent May Cause
The Baton Rouge rodents have a talent in looking for a way to access our attic. They can squeeze their body in a hole that is about the size of the nickel. Once they made it inside, the damages related with their presence will magnify that may lead to expensive repairs.

Structural Damages
Baton Rouge Rodents such as rats, mice and squirrels are often associated with structural damages. No building will be spared from their chewing habit, defecation, and nest-building. The rodent tends to chew on almost all type of materials from books, paper, cloth, and wood. The items stored in our attic will not be safe from their relentless chewing habit. If you have upholstered furniture, they can gnaw and use the materials for their nest.

The insulation can also be damaged by the rodents. They can use these soft materials to make their nest comfortable and warm. The insulation of our wires is also the common victim by the rodents. Exposed live wires can lead to accidental electrocution. Damaged cable wires can affect the supply of electricity that may destroy the important parts of our appliances. It can also lead to overheating that can lead to fire.

Contaminating the Food
When the rodent is denning in our attic, the damages will not be contained in our attic alone. They may also visit our kitchen where the food will be contaminated. The rodents are not picky when choosing the food that they eat. They will tear the packaging of our food that they can use as their nesting material. Contaminated food can lead to the transmission of Salmonellosis and other diseases. As the rodents move in various parts of our house, they will leave their saliva, droppings and urine that can carry those parasites and fungal spores.

Damages on Your Items
The rodents will not have any respect in chewing your personal items. They will be chewing this and just about any items that can be found in your attic. You may have valuable items or irreplaceable heirlooms in your attic. Even the important documents can be destroyed by these rodents.

The rodents will take advantage of the insignificant holes that are found in our siding and roof. It will not require a significant breach in the integrity of our structure for the rodent to figure out that there is a safe space inside where they can build their nest. Most of the signs of the rodent infestation can be easily overlooked. Therefore, you need to hire the professional to perform a regular inspection in your attic.

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